Edward and bella dating fanfiction

04-Nov-2019 18:26

Bella is miserable, and she is positive this time that she'll never again feel the touch of happiness.But with Jake still in her life to patch things up, maybe things won't be so bad after all.In Twilight, she is a seventeen year old girl who lives in the small town of Forks, Washington with her parents Donna and Ben Carter.She is very close to the Cullen's stating them that they are second family.

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Bella contracts an unusual disease as a result of her relationship with Edward, and Jacob is chosen to heal her. Sam/Leah in the Prologue; Jacob/Bella in the body of the story.What if Bella arrived in Forks during the summer before Senior year instead of the middle of Junior year? Thank you so much to Diamondheart for including this story in her amazing series! A winner in the Sort of Beautiful Challenge, this is a story about unconditional love. Another installment in The Moonshadow Continuum, largely inspired by a prompt on the Tricky Raven web community--"Jake's Puppy." banners by diamondheart good thing that had been given to me after Edward had left, again, for the second time. Each day Edward had been missing from my life Jake had reached out with his hands, as well as with his heart, and had taken a hold of mine without hesitation, without a second thought as to how it could have affected him.