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Most scholars agree Chaco served as a special gathering place, where many Pueblo peoples and clans converged to share their ceremonies and traditions.But Blackhorse and Stein disagree with this benign view of Chaco.The National Park Service (NPS) signpost at the path's entrance vaguely describes Kin Klizhin as a place of "ceremonial function." But Blackhorse explains that the kiva served as a human sacrificial altar and a center for ritual cannibalism.His story, like everything else about Chaco according to Navajo belief, is about the Gambler, an evil magician with a hooked, crooked nose who enslaved the ancient Navajo and forced them to build the great houses of Chaco.They also don't think that the modern Hopi of Arizona and the Rio Grande Pueblo groups of New Mexico are the sole heirs to Chaco's cultural heritage.Instead, the two contend that Chaco was a melting pot of various Native American groups, and argue that Navajo cosmology, oral tradition, and Chaco's building design all point to a strong link between the Navajo and the Anasazi.This was common for tribes living in the Great Plains where they hunted buffalo for food. These tribes built more permanent homes like the pueblo or longhouse.

It was a pretty tight squeeze, but probably helped keep them warm in the winter.A home similar to the wigwam was the wikiup which was built by some tribes in the west.Native American Hogan The hogan was the home built by the Navajo people of the Southwest.Native Americans for Kids Native Americans lived in a wide variety of homes.

Different tribes and peoples built different types of homes.These tribes built homes that were easy to move and build. Wigwam Home Wigwams were homes built by the Algonquian tribes of American Indians living in the Northeast.

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