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14-Jan-2020 20:27

pic.twitter.com/sl Kjd Dpf97 If someone's ghosted you, don't second guess yourself. If you still have questions, please contact our Customer Care team at eharmony.com/chat Thanks!

They weren't the right person, and now you can spend your time on QUALITY matches. It’s a Father’s Day Takeover with our CEO, Grant Langston!

💃 bit.ly/2KSz K9C pic.twitter.com/owjr1Wl Twz Hello! Here are some tips to help get more success: ✅ Take the time to talk to your matches ✅ Complete your profile ✅ Post a range of flattering photos Sign up today at We're making sure you're connecting with genuine people looking for real relationships. Since we started, 2 million of you have found love on eharmony, and we want to see your success.Share your own eharmony success story in the comments to be featured.We have a friendship and partnership that I’ve never shared with anyone before and I can't believe how lucky I am to have found him.

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And I know he feels the same way because we don't stop talking about how fortunate we are that e Harmony happened to match us up!

The e Harmony Compatibility Matching System™ finds others looking for love that match you on important factors such as sense of humour, interests, and character.