Dreamweaver template not updating files

28-Apr-2020 13:39

But two problems make these options less than desirable.

First, the process of selecting em–dash, for example, takes too many steps. Second, the character sequence that Dreamweaver inserts is So if you use these characters as they are, your site will not validate.

You can create keyboard shortcuts for the character sequences by editing the document in your program files ().

You might for example create cmd shft h for an em–dash.

Preview the pages in a few browsers on a few platforms, and run the page through the HTML validator.

If you have made an error, you don’t want to compound it by creating pages with broken markup.

Caveat: This does not change the HTML generated by the properties window.

Update: After this article was published, Francois Jordaan implemented the XHTML modifications discussed here and packaged them in a downloadable file for your convenience. A developer named Jason Dalgarno has been kind enough to made available a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to convert your pages into XHTML. When uncompressed, Dreamweaver Extension Manager will open it automatically.

If you care enough about document structure to want to write XHTML, you should be using the more meaningful tags instead.By default, the extension will run every time you save a document.I found this a bit annoying and changed my preferences so it runs only when I command it to.I created shortcuts for right and left double quotation marks. Edit in another editor like Home Site, BBEdit, Page Spinner, or Notepad.

Make sure that you do not use a command sequence that is already in use.This handy little extension allows you to change the DTD of a page with a single command.

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