Does carbon dating work on linen Xxx adult dating sit only 18

15-Jun-2020 13:39

In order to shift the apparent age of the Shroud to 600 years, now around 80% of the carbon analysed has to come from the bioplastic layer, and only 20% comes from the linen.

By my reckoning, the effect is to more than double the thickness of the threads, and I would expect them to become welded together.

They ridiculed the notion that contamination could account for more than 1 or 2% of the C14 after standard pretreatment.

Their stance was decidedly haughty then, and now shown to be dead wrong.

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As one who earns his crust doing accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon dating, I have to say that I have a few problems with the Garza-Valdes & Mattingly theory.

Anyone who still believes that C14 dating has proven the Shroud to be medieval should be quickly disabused of that notion.

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