Do college kids use online dating sites

18-Sep-2019 09:45

That is part of the reason the vague concept of hooking up has flourished on college campuses,” she said.

“A hookup can be a one-night stand or the beginning of seeing each other or the start of a committed romantic relationship.

It can also be anything from kissing to intercourse on the sexual spectrum.

My guess is that when college students use Tinder, they don't know exactly what they want -- or what they'll find.

“Not many people want to admit they’re on Tinder, but somehow they have millions of subscribers.” But wouldn’t those same characteristics -- people your age with similar interests, ages and attributes -- make college campuses just as accommodating for seekers of romance?

“The fact that college students are using Tinder at all shows they are not finding what they want on their own campuses, where they are surrounded by so many other singles who are so similar to themselves,” said Kathleen Bogle, who wrote a book about campus dating, in an email.

“It does makes sense for someone to want to use Tinder” that way, he said.

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I think that’s just a sign of being open to whatever happens, happens.” On a statistically useless, purely anecdotal level, platonic Tinder use has been attempted. “I’ve never heard of a successful case of someone using a dating site like that,” said Yoseph Radding, a senior at Michigan State University and co-creator of the app Lyke Me, which aims to succeed where dating apps have apparently failed by connecting people with similar interests and hopefully forming long-lasting friendships.

About half of Tinder’s users are between 18 and 25, the typical college age, so giving that age group an exclusive place to meet others their age makes sense.

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