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The scheme is currently open to first and second year engineering students only, as it is run as a pilot project.

This may be revised depending on the success of the scheme.

Anyone participating in classes is also free to take part in shows and parades staged over the year.

For more information on Galway Community Circus, their classes, shows and events they can be found online at Anyone interested in seeing circus performances, live music or stand-up comedians, head down to the Townhouse Bar on Quay Lane, Spanish Parade, on Saturday 23 November.

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The scheme has proven successful in various countries and has shown to improve learning outcomes as well as the general social development of students at a crucial stage in their lives.Galway Community Circus, the organisation behind the event, has been providing regular trainings and workshops for children and young adults since its founding in Operated as a charitable organisation Galway Community Circus focuses on teaching circus skills to young people.Through regular trainings and specialised workshops children and young adults are taught in acrobatics, aerial, juggling, diablo, unicycling, stilt-walking, trapeze and hula hoop in a stressfree and fun environment.Its aim was to unite Europeans in celebration of the different cultures of Europe and raising awareness of their common history.

Circus performers, comedians and local musicians will be part of the event that is scheduled to take place in the Townhouse Bar on 23 November.

PAL can be found in over universities in 29 countries and was originally based on an American Supplement Institution SI model developed in The proposed model is a new approach to learning and adjusting to university life.