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Absolute dating, on the other hand is capable of telling the exact age of an item using carbon dating and many other techniques that were not there in earlier times.

Relative dating makes use of the common sense principle that in a deposition of layers.

This type of dating employs many dating techniques like atomic clocks, carbon dating, annual cycle methods, and trapped electron method.

Dendrochronology is another of the popular method of finding the exact age through growth and patterns of thick and thin ring formation in fossil trees.

However, age of deposition does not mean the age of artifacts found in that layer.

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Two broad categories of classification methods are relative dating and absolute dating.This gives away the true age of the fossil that contains C-14 that starts decaying after the death of the human being or animal. Absolute Dating • Dating techniques are used in archeology to ascertain the age of old artifacts and a broad classification of these methods bifurcates them in relative dating and absolute dating • Relative dating comes to a conclusion based upon the study of layer formation of rocks.