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Soon she was driving across the city, full of hope that Paul, 43, could be ‘the one.’ He had sent her videos of his two adorable young sons, and said he was the CEO of the LA Fitness gym franchise.But as Moon handed her car keys to the valet, she saw her date arrive on foot. Paul’s dyed-black hair was thick with gel, and he exuded short-guy energy. Then, loud enough for everyone to hear, he boomed: “I don’t deserve to be with her! ” Paul edged his seat closer to hers, then got to work on the menu.The 47-year-old divorcée from Los Angeles was inundated with offers from men on matchmaking websites, who often compared her to the actress, Lisa Kudrow. I have five kids.” Scheduling often killed off any romance.For Moon, dating involved racing home from 12-hour shifts while wrangling babysitters. Then she matched with a man named Paul on the dating website Plentyof Fish.Cass is slim, with tidy black hair, and holsters his Glock 9mm beneath sharply-cut designer suits.

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After rounding off the meal with a devilish chocolate soufflé, Paul declared that he wanted to date Moon “exclusively,” then stepped outside to make a phone call. It was late at night when Moon angrily typed a Facebook status update: “Here are the pics of the man who ditched me at dinner...“Looking for someone to be super adventurous and create a lot of memories and smiles together.” He was against casual flings. “#Too Classy.”Just days after his date with Marjorie Moon, Gonzales finished a crème brûlée at the Yard House in Long Beach.

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