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To make it work, I needed to build a ramp at the front of the house. The house next door was having some minor repair work done on its foundation, and the guys doing the work were nice enough to carry two of the bigger frames up to the front of the house and place them into position. I’m pretty sure it was some kind of payment for entertaining them with my wheelchair-bound-building performance.My friend Tony went with me to Home Depot to help load the material. On the second day, another friend, Skylar, stopped by in the evening and put the last frame in place.

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Hopefully, I can continue to work on this, and eventually muscle my knee into bending and rising for steps. I think this is just a default condition of sitting all the time; relying on my abdominal area to keep me upright. I am considering buying new leg braces, because the braces from India are difficult to put on properly.(Try not to look at the pictures, they were disturbing to me.) they have to wait at least 7 days after this minor surgery to start chemo, but I'm scheduled for my PET scan on the 17th, so I won't be able to start until after that is finished. It's part of the several base-line scans that are to be done before they can start filling me full of draino. The house I am living in belongs to my friend Sameena.

I got to know her about six years back when we both designed and built furniture for a children’s room at a battered woman’s clinic in Compton, California.

Well, today Tim is taking me back to the surgeon at Shand's Hospital to get a port catheter inserted into my chest. Thank you for all the wonderful phone calls and e-mails that I've been getting!

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