Devout christian dating atheist

06-May-2020 13:52

Or is he a pseudo-atheist crusader/misotheist ala the “new Atheists” like Dawkins? Will the mention of God or religion alone send him on a hate filled foaming at the mouth rant? If he’s a true atheist, you’re probably good to go.If he’s a pseudo-atheist misotheist, RUN, don’t walk, away from him. That he won’t keep his promises, or that it won’t be a sacrament?There is no “go to one Mass on Saturday evening to fulfill both obligations” When Christmas falls on Saturday or Monday you have the same “why do you have to go to Mass TWICE this weekend? Talk about these things now instead of the day before, it will keep the conversation a bit less heated. Meaning is he just a normal person who doesn’t hold any personal belief about God or religion?He’s not super pushy or preachy, doesn’t flip out about the idea of people having religion?I would up the ante a little more in child rearing if I were you. I said I date to find a spouse, I marry for life, children are the fruits of marriage(God willing), my kids will be raised Catholic and their Daddy will sit in the pew with us every Sunday whether he is Catholic or not.When being that forward wasn’t a deal breaker and he actually started going to mass with me after the conversation, I took it as a good sign.I am a devout catholic(was legion of Mary, sunday school teacher before, and attend mass every Sunday, sometimes will have eucharist adoration) , and am engaged with my future husband recently, but he is an atheist, he’s never baptised and no religion.He respects my catholic faith, agreed to have wedding in Catholic Church, and agreed to let our children be baptised as catholics.

If you take your faith seriously and he is serious about not having any faith, then it only follows that it’s probable that there will be conflicts regarding religion. Even if there are conflicts, that won’t necessarily make the marriage impossible to work through. And then also, you will always be worried about his soul. But you should make this very clear to him before marriage.

If things have progressed so far with this man, you must have had a reason for wanting to marry him?

I note that on this forum, usually people raise a huge number of concerns with marrying anyone who isn’t a practicing Catholic.

Something to consider is that your job as spouses is to get eachother to heaven. The purpose of dating is to cull out the ones who are a total mismatch and have a low chance of success… You go off to have the kids say their prayers— and you’re wondering in the back of your head, “Is he judging me?

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Consider the kind of longing and sadness that one can carry wanting your spouse to see the light of Christ and having them just not. but no one has a crystal ball to know “this relationship is guaranteed to succeed”. It’s not just “ok, we’re married, we can have sex now”, it’s “what’s the role of sex in an ordered relationship”. ” I’m dreading when the kids get a little bit older and they have The Talk.

Something to consider is that your job as spouses is to get eachother to heaven.