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11-Jan-2020 20:51

Now, what does a filthy-rich MLB legend do for his bachelor party?

You’d think there would be an endless number of strippers involved, but apparently that wasn’t the case with Derek Jeter’s bachelor party.

And that, my good friends, is the power of a brand. So, when fiancée Hannah brought home the adorable Mastiff puppy named Kane, Jeter panicked. What better way to get over your irrational fear of dogs than owning a 1 year old 100 pound Italian Mastiff? He’s just a legendary Yankee enjoying retirement with his adorable puppy and smoking-hot model wife. She’s showing off her goods in the tiniest bikinis you’ve ever seen and the pictures…are…amazing.

Yeah, she totally had a baby in her belly the whole time. Hannah participated in the shoot only mere weeks after she discovered she was preggers. Trust me; you won’t be thinking about the baby at all when you see pictures like these.

The group of ladies were seen soaking in the sun on Mondrian South Beach in Miami during the day, no doubt showing off their Victoria Secret bodies, and by night, they put on their sexiest dresses at hit up Rockwell Nightclub.

The ladies partied it up until about am, when they finally decided to call it a night.

He played for 20 seasons, earning 3000 hits, over 1300 RBI and 260 home runs. You’ve watch Derek crush homeruns on Major League Baseball for years, and ogled over pictures of Hannah, but there is a lot you didn’t know about one of sports’ power couples.

While his lovely wife, Hannah Davis, is one of the most successful modern models, posing for the Sports illustrated Swimsuit Edition multiple times, modelling for Victoria Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and a whole hell of a lot more. Right here on The Sportster, here at the 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis’s Relationship. Some people just don’t watch sports and have been living under a rock their entire lives.

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Hank Aaron overcame Babe Ruth as the all-time MLB hits leader. Oh, he’s a professional baseball player and makes how much a year? Alright, so you recently discover you’re dating one of MLB’s all-time greats, unbeknownst to you, who is worth a sickening amount of money. When the couple began dating in 2012, Hannah was surprised by Derek’s humble and down-to-Earth personality. “I wanted someone whose family is a big, important part of their life.” Looks like Hannah found a keeper. It’s no surprise that women are attracted to athletes. But Derek’s track record for dating hot, talented, incredible, drop-dead gorgeous women is just down-right ridiculous. That’s quite the all-star line-up Jeter put together. Not long after retiring from the New York Yankees and professional baseball all together, Derek popped the question to a lucky Hannah Davis, who, to absolutely nobody’s surprise, said yes.I like to think they all have an alcohol-fueled sweaty-dance fest at the club followed by a pillow-fight in their pajamas at the hotel.