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Have a little skele-fun and don't forget if you got it, haunt it. Deanna Cruz sits down with her friends Nurse Cindy and Tech Tom to discuss how life can sometimes go in a direction you didn't necessarily plan.

The three talk about their passion in life, what makes them tick, and what it means to pursue your dreams. In this first 'official' episode Deanna Cruz opens up about working over ten years in the radio industry, where she's at now, and where she plans to be in the future.

I wanted to create a Podcast where I could speak my mind, interview interesting people that I’ve met along my travels, and have some fun with my closest friends. The DCU Crew tackles how and when to bring up common dating deal breakers. Why is it that most women are frowned upon if they do? Discovering a new city is always fun especially when it comes to new restaurants, wine tasting, donuts and strippers. What works for you when it comes to meeting someone new? Give it a listen and this podcast might just set you on FIRE! In this episode we put Jeffster and Nurse Cindy to the test. We'll find out once Deanna can get them to stop talking about Ben Wa Balls, kegels, pelvic organ prolapse, and other randomness. Sleep is essential for your physical and mental health. Many people struggle with falling asleep, not getting enough sleep, and yup you guessed it SNORING! She is currently in the nursing program at UW and trying to juggle school, work, and a social life. Jeffster challenges her to download the 'Sleep Cycle App' to monitor her sleep paterns and quality of sleep. Would you break up with them or break up with your friends? Deanna Cruz and Jackson worked together in the beginning of their radio careers at WFHN, Fun 107 in Fairhaven, MA. They dig it out and thaw it out in this episode of Deanna Cruz Unfiltered.

This episode was inspired by an article written on According to the articles these are 5 Common Dating Deal Breakers:- Pets- Political Views- Kids- Food/Diet/Alcohol- Religion And we added Finances well because it is also important. The DCU Crew digs into the topic of gender bias when it comes to sex. Summer officially arrives this week and that means non-stop fun. This after Deanna Cruz was left on the corner of a Seattle street at 1am. What would you do if you caught your partner snooping thru your phone? Do you have a clever pick up line or do you just strike up a conversation? How do you find love in the gloomy city of Seattle. Somehow Tech Tom, Jeffster, Cindy and Deanna all found each other but what about the dating scene? A recent study concluded that 60% of American citizens would fail the U. After listening take the test yourself and see if you can pass. When do you start showing your true colors in front of your girlfriend or boyfriend? The DCU Crew discusses it all in this episode of Relationship 101. It was behind the mic that their friendship began and the two have been inseparable since. This year has been the snowiest in Seattle in 50 years. Before Deanna Cruz, Nurse Cindy, Jeffster and Tech Tom talk everything about The Grammy's they dive in to some of their personal stuff.

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But when life throws you a curveball do you give up on your passion? You'll be surprised how much life has changed for Mz. She drags along her friends Jeff AKA Jeffster and Tech Tom for the ride.

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In this episode we talk about the Lifetime docuseries, "Surviving R. Some radio stations have stopped playing his songs while daily streams of his songs more than double by the end of Lifetime's first broadcast. They discuss everything from airline beefs, movies on flights, Jeff's OCD, his packing anxiety AND binge worthy shows. Oh and we can't forget Cindy's near death experience back in Florida. Yule laugh out loud until Santa comes down or the wine makes you say whoa. She's a Cross Fit Coach, a badass athlete, a loving super mom to two adorable kids, a friend, and a wife to a SWAT officer. What does it mean to be in a monogamous relationship versus a polyamorous one? In this episode Deanna Cruz and Tech Tom talk to Chris who has been a polyamorous for over 16 years.

What's cute during the dating phase but annoying in a relationship? The DCU Crew discusses some creepy things that have happened to them and when to you listen to your gut. Flying standby has its perks but on the 4th of July it's a no-no. Fireworks, cookouts, and planes is not all they chat about. Deanna Cruz and Jeffster take the Podcast on the road for the first ever Roadcast.

What's the protocol when you let someone borrow a piece of furniture? And have you ever hung onto something just to see the person you hooked up with again? In this episode they have the happy-go-luck, tail wagging, adorable pooch Duchess as a special guest. They give advice to one listener, Jimmy From The Block and reveal their 'Little Black Book' of secrets. This is all happening while Jeffster finishes packing for his grandmother's funeral. You've seen it all over Instagram and your FB feeds but how accurrate is it? Tech Tom, Deanna, and Jeff recap their 4th of July celebrations. They talk about the latest craze to hit Netflix, "Stranger Things" as well nostalgia, Big Little Lies, and HBO."You just gotta ignite the light And let it shine Just own the night Like the Fourth of July" - Katy Perry The 4th of July has put a spark in this week's podcast. Life gets busy sometimes but with three hours on the road they found a little time to record.

After working in radio for over ten years and EVERYONE telling me to start a Podcast, I decided maybe this time I should do the listening. Deanna Cruz, Nurse Cindy, and Jeffster discuss some tough relationship questions starting with weight. She's an inspiration, a true gift to all of us and most importantly a sister - Sister Badass. One listener named Nick needs some advice about a situation with a friend's ex girlfriend. How do you hit up a past fling without sounding too desperate?

For those who don’t know me, my name is Deanna Cruz and I am originally from the east coast. What would you do if your partner were to gain weight? Does he go on a date with her or does he stay away? Please feel free to email us at [email protected] may seem harmless, but bad habits are hard to break. The DCU Crew confesses they have many bad habits they'd like to break. From procrastination to shopping to binge watching garbage TV. And what are the Top 3 Things You need to do to be productive and happy everyday. Deanna Cruz opens up about her Uber Pool experience and how the Uber driver thought she was trouble. What originally started as a conversation about the does and don'ts of dating somehow turned into a condom PSA. The DCU Crew talks about their family traditions when it comes to Easter. What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you when you were naked and between the sheets? Listen now and don't forget to hit the follow button.

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