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12-Oct-2019 06:29

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Both drama kings and drama queens use seduction, bullying and blaming as weapons of manipulation, keeping you dizzy and disoriented on a roller coaster of constant confusion, guilt, fear, sexual tension and anxiety—all of which they’ll insist is caused by you, not them.

And to the degree that you allow them a place in your life, they will be right.

I think I am getting used to it, and learning to tolerate it. Another worry of mine, is that she's always contradicting herself regarding how she feels about me.And gentlemen, if you see one in the mirror, it’s job to conquer, dethrone and slay him—a victory that can only be achieved via a commitment to your own personal growth. The couple, both “Do-Better Fanatics”, lead sessions on personal growth, self-love and resiliency, healthy relationships and “grown” decision-making at live events across the country.So I've finally become exclusive with this lovely drama queen that I was dating for about 2 months. And that's cool for the most part, I really like who she is.You begin to notice the woman in line at the coffee shop who doesn’t get the right coffee and proceeds to get so loud that the entire shop notices.

Or, the man at the convenience store who is rude and obnoxious to the clerk and proceeds to drag the other customers into the attack,.When you've been working diligently to lessen drama in your life by creating peacefulness and calm, drama can be very noticeable.

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