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05-Oct-2020 08:31 The #Stoner Douchebag is on the hunt for new victims! #Wolf In Sheeps Clothing #Bumble #narcissist #dating #Dating Douchebags #Douchebag… I’m trying to “teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life”concept, Instead of taking on their problems. People renewed annually, therefore if it wasn’t for you, you could move on.

#Just Sayin is how #Arrogant people give the impression they know what they’re talking about...without knowing what they’re talking about. I feel like that would give people more incentive to “earn” their renewals.

I’m trapped under something heavy and can’t get to you.

A self professed Goofball with an edge, I live for tacos, sunsets and ribs.

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They will play three Canadian university teams on the trip.You can also be sure that I would stand firmly in court and fight for our right to speak the truth.