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12-May-2020 23:42

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“Think of it as a little bonus to go above and beyond that week if you feel like a date night is needed.” Melissa said. ” Men can choose to sign up for the HIS version of the Marriage Challenge on their own or with a spouse.The HIS version is designed to complement the HER version, so couples using both can enjoy week after week of romantic ideas.Melissa Hunt, Assistant Site Director for the Dating Divas, said the team has received great feedback on the text service so far, and it has actually sold out. “We have already received so much great feedback from both wives and husbands,” she said. That’s why the Dating Divas team has devised a HIS and HERS version of the 10-Minute Marriage Challenge.people, and that’s why we came up with this.” Couples can sign up for the marriage challenge together, and embark on a journey to put some spice back in their relationship.“If you are a husband looking for a sure-fire way to your woman’s heart, take it from us (a team of more than 20 married women), THIS is how you do it,” Melissa said.“It’s the little things, done regularly, that let us know you care.The HER Version of the Marriage Challenge is designed to help married women bring the spark back into their relationships.

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Their dating project was a great success, and it soon expanded into a comprehensive website where women can now find everything from anniversary gift recommendations to marriage counseling programs.

The website is full of gift ideas, relationship resources, and marriage advice, and now the team of fun-loving married women has decided to share their wealth of knowledge in a three-month text service.

The 10-Minute Marriage Challenge offers couples a way to create more excitement in their everyday lives by being spontaneous and affectionate with one another.

Couples can pack a lot of love into their weeks by taking the marriage challenge together.

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“You’ll be surprising one another, connecting on a real and deep level, laughing, loving, and living your best lives,” Melissa said, “and you’ll be doing it all together.” Some people think loving someone means never getting tired of being together, never feeling bored or restless, and never losing sight of what you like about them. Couples need to reinforce and strengthen their love over time, or it will fade away.

In addition to its DIY lists or self-help programs, the Dating Divas recently launched a text-based service to inspire husbands and wives to take care of each other and express love in a variety of ways.