Datingdirect com sex dating in mountain view georgia

09-Dec-2019 03:26

If you are successful in finding the email to contact support, you can be sure that 99% of the time your emails will not be answered.

In the unlikely event, you do get a response; nothing helpful will have materialized out of your contact.

The whole process is nerve wracking, and being on the website is a real headache.

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It is definitely a website designed to con you of your money.The features on Dating are simply there to keep you interested, but there is nothing really there. We will review some of the features to demonstrate our point.Although they claim that it is possible to exchange contacts on ; it seems that they purposely make this difficult for you so that you remain on the site and continue paying your subscription fees.It is not a real dating website where you can meet women. Once you pay your subscription fees, everything goes downhill from here. Furthermore, all the women that you had initially spotted disappear in thin air leaving you frustrated. The website is a total scam, and is simply out to get your money.

There are many problems on this site that make it a particularly bad choice if you are serious about meeting women. British users have had really bad experiences on this dating site.

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