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24-Aug-2020 08:04

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However, if she likes you, once outisde of work, she'll be all over you like a rash, and if you like up to her expectations then it is all uphill (in the positie sense, not pusshing the proverbial uphill) and you will see the stars.

Or may be she is just weird/frigid/uptight or conservative bit in any event, if she wants you then you are on the table, as it were. If it is at work Fat Kid, then take your time and make sure yo make some space to save you (or her) face.

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Ok Fat Kid, time to find another woman and forget this one unless you want to say to using 2 years time "I waited for 4 years...." life is too short and there are plenty on nice women in HK (both foreign and local) to focus your attention on, and who'll treat you 5000% better than the other one HOWEVER!This may sound a little weird, but it will really help you a lot! Walk your own dog if your maid is doing it, at least part of the time. This is a bit pricey, but get a new suit made (Although winter is approaching, just use Summer materials as cheaper and in any event it don’t get really cold in HK), and get 3 new shirts made for you. If you are using the same shoes to go to work day in day out you have to stop that (bad for your feet and your tinia anyhow). IMPORTANT - make sure if you do some of the above that you don’t become one of those quasi-men, you know the type who present as oh so sensitive, in touch with everything- frankly it is insipid and you'll end up attracting women same or similar to that of the subject in question. Be a man, not a whiney girly-boy (not saying you are ok, but make sure you are not ok). Also, adopt a more masculine persona - from you posts and the previous one it sounds like you may be a soft-touch for a co-dependent personality, and you know you don’t want that !

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