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Apparently many firms do not realize what an outstanding advertising program can do for the firm s merchandising efforts as generally the advertising programs in food retailing seem to continue to have many deficiencies.

Present State of Retail Food Newspaper Advertising In 1968, Stephen Baker, writing in Advertising Age, stated that supermarket = vertisements have not changed in the last twenty to thirty years as.,they continue to look like huge bingo games.l This article along with other articles and studies in recent years points out that the present state of retail food newspaper advertising continues to leave a lot to be desired as there are problems of sameness, advertisemen ts lacking creativity and imagination, and a low level of effectiveness. The difficulties seem to be due to: (1) the lack of a definite firm and store image to project in some cases, (2) the inability to communicate image through newspaper advertising, (3) extensive utilization of cooperative advertising allowances with considerable emphasis on price, (4) the advertising department lacks creative talent, (5) insufficient time to develop creative, imaginative ads, (6) top management is more interested in operations, finances, etc., than in advertising and thus doesn t seem to realize the need for improving the quality and effectiveness and changing the emphasis of advertising programs, (7) short run advertising goals and no long range objectives, and (8) the national agencies are not geared to effectively and profitably handle retail food firms advertising programs.

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THE EFFECT OF RETAIL FOOD NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING ON CONSUMER DECISION MAKING by Robert S. Pleasant, Michigan Presents results of a study of consumers reaction to newspaper advertisement by food stores in terms of shopping habits, appraisal of advertising, use of and benefits derived from advertisements.

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However, is our advertising as effective as it could and should be?

Some critics contend that the primary cause of the problem is a lack of talent in the firms advertising departments.

The advertising departments of retail food firms have not, for the most part, hired professionally trained creative talent, and when they have had good talent, frequently it has been difficult to hold these individuals.

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