Dating your high school sweetheart college Aunties with sex

10-Mar-2020 12:11

I don’t know if it was something in the water, but a bunch of kids from my hometown married their high school sweethearts, and I’ve since met a bunch of other couples who did the same.

It could be a sign you never got over him and don’t really want to. All those happy memories flood back in along with emotions you thought you’d left in the past. Those deal breakers when you were 18 don’t seem like a problem now. Besides, he’s grown too and left his childish issues behind, just like you have. Other guys have told you they loved you, but you know that he’s still the one who loved you more than anyone. It’s not jaded by bad dates, horrible breakups, liars and cheaters. Sometimes, that’s the love that lasts, no matter what happens between high school and now.

We have a total blast hanging out when we get a chance — and it’s really nice to have something like that that I share with him.