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06-May-2020 15:00

I've been using Indian Cupid since July last year and easily matched and made several friends during the first month, not only from India but from all over the world. She's a standard member from India who was also interested in making friends and dating, just like me. "Overall, the design and layout of Indian Cupid are basic, simple, and clean.I've been in the US since I was 10 and a few weeks from now, I'm coming back to my birthplace to meet with my special friend and her family. This makes it easy, even first-time users, to explore either the site or the mobile app.Out of the 45,000 members, males dominate the site with slightly less than two-thirds members while females are around one-third.About half of the users of Indian Cupid are between the ages of 25 to 34.These users are mostly ready for serious dating and marriage.Most users either have standard or platinum membership while there are a few who choose to subscribe with gold membership.Nevertheless, some factors such as religion, caste, family type, physical appearance, and economic status are still being taken into consideration when it comes to the matchmaking process.

By doing so, you have the chance of ranking higher in search results and getting more attention from singles. Indian Cupid also provides The wide-spread use of smartphones has paved the way for the innovation of mobile applications in the market to keep up with the changing technology landscape.The VIP features of the platinum membership must be attractive to the users.With just a few bucks more per month, they would prefer it over the gold membership.You may also do this even if you are a regular member as long as the other member has a gold or platinum membership.

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Although the functions of being a regular member are limited, the site gives you an overview of what to explore before subscribing to the premium.

Being new to Indian Cupid and to the dating site world, I did not have a hard time using the app.