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30-Jul-2020 09:18

If you are experiencing domestic violence or suspect someone that you love is a victim of domestic violence, there are many resources available to help.

To get started, you can contact Crisis Support Services of Nevada, or you can go directly to law enforcement to report domestic violence.

We can accompany you to the hospital or law enforcement, if you’d like us to, as well as provide personal advocacy, refer you to counseling and criminal justice support, and assist in filing all available victim compensation applications.

The signs of domestic violence are not always straightforward, and may not present themselves at the very beginning of a relationship.

The Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) is a civil matter. We can provide you with the status of your case, verify court dates and times, provide court accompaniment, guide through the criminal justice system, provide resource information, and explain the dynamics of victimization and the cycle of domestic violence in addition to provide emotional support. Every resident and visitor in New Castle County is eligible to call 9-1-1 for police and medical emergencies, regardless of their immigration status.How can I report additional information after reporting a crime?