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27-Apr-2020 14:34

They include: Sex Watson may be the same age as Perkins’ children, but both authors share very similar views on sex. Her other sex advice includes “Change it up”, “Let go of your inhibitions” and “Sex is an essential part of a healthy relationship”.

Perkins echoes the younger author: “Sex is an important part of a relationship and like everything to do with relationships it takes communication and practice.” The books are very different in style and in nature, but it’s interesting to see that regardless of your age, experience and background, dating and relationships always involve key fundamentals, and most of the important lessons involve you and your attitude to both dating and yourself. Get Perkins’ book if you’re looking for a confidence boost; get Watson’s if you want a beautiful coffee-table conversation piece.

Ostensibly, the two books couldn’t be more different – yet when it comes to dating, aren’t the rules still the same, no matter what age you are?

Having interviewed both authors about their dating books, I found myself wondering whether the twenty-something starlet and the divorced mum of three shared any philosophies on the titular Dating Game. And if so, are these common ideas the seminal lessons we all need to learn about dating?

She urges her readers to walk barefoot and set up playlists to make themselves smile, and provides recipes for nurturing, healthy comfort foods.

Meanwhile Watson’s “Single Rules” include “Get an early night”, “Relax”, and “Enjoy your bed”.

It’s a hard reality to face, but you can’t ignore it.

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Friendship Both books underline the importance of friendships – not just those with partners, but the external ones that support you whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Whilst Watson’s book doesn’t touch on online dating – something indicative of her age (she is just 23) – Perkins focuses exclusively on online dating.

Both women share similar dating dos and don’ts, but while Watson’s are divided into stages of a relationship, Perkins simply lists her best tactics for the “game”.

Self-confidence Arguably the most powerful section of The Dating Game is the opening chapter, entitled Single Status.

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“It all begins with being single,” Watson explains; her language may be lazy and conversational, aimed at her teenage audience, but the lesson is one we can all take on board.

Second dates can let you get more physical, but you need to make it on the same level as the first, ie, have an adventure.