Dating three guys at once who is porsha dating

28-Sep-2020 17:23

Psychologists call this "confirmation bias" and it's a trap that's very easy to fall into.This - along with so many other reasons - is why I recommend to always date more than one person at a time until you've both had a clear discussion and have mutually decided to become exclusive.It triggers our old stories, our programming and how we’ve been trained to be as women.And yet, as we worked together and she ventured back out into both the online and real world dating realms, it wasn’t long before she shocked me with her news. A women who had so little confidence in ever finding someone who would love her again. Now dating three different men - I was so proud of her!You’ll be distracted from texting him or calling him because you’re thinking about him too much.

After all, it was an exclusive committed relationship she was looking for, so how could she be expecting that of him if she wasn’t being exclusive herself? I've learned that each of us have to come to this particular one on our own.

We stop even so much as thinking about any other men, because we just know he's "the one".

The problem is that while we're falling head over heels for him, we're also giving him subconscious signals that we're his for the taking. And this is why he pulls back when he senses he no longer needs to try to win you over, and it's also why he suddenly starts to focus on his fear of losing his independence.

But something piqued her interest enough after all the heartbreak she had been through with similar men who knew exactly what to do in that intense beginning, that she allowed herself to simply show up and see what happened next.

You’re just getting to know them to see what they’re like, I reminded her, and to get more clarity on what you like."I’m actually dating three men right now", she said. There’s one I’m more attracted to than the others, but the other two are interesting in their own ways. This was the same women who, not too long before, had told me adamantly that she could never see herself dating more than one guy at once. Over time, the one she was most attracted to revealed himself to be the player.

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