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The northern region developed into a principality called Transylvania, the south into a principality called Walachia, and the east into Moldavia.Throughout the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, Walachia and Moldavia battled repeated invasions by the Ottoman Empire. The name "Romania," which was first used when the three regions of the country were united in 1859, reflects the influence of ancient Rome on the nation's language and culture.The three regions—Walachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania—are relatively culturally uniform.The land area is 91,699 square miles (237,500 square kilometers).The Carpathian Mountains cover about one-third of the country; they surround the Transylvanian Plateau and divide it from the other two main regions: Moldavia in the northeast and Walachia in the south.

The Congress of Berlin of 1879 marked the end of Turkish domination.The language of the Roma population is Romany, although many Roma combine that language with Romanian. The flag consists of blue, yellow, and red vertical stripes that symbolize Transylvania, Moldavia, and Walachia, respectively.The coat of arms, adopted in 1992, consists of a gold eagle against a blue background holding a cross in its beak, a sword in one claw, and a scepter in the other.Serious environmental problems include soil erosion and water and air pollution from unregulated industrial development.

Because of economic hardship, the government has been slow to enforce laws that place restraints on industry. The population was estimated to be 22,411,121 in 2000.An exception is the Hungarian community in Transylvania, which has its own language and traditions and considers itself Hungarian.

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