Dating someone in same profession

27-Aug-2020 18:40

Not only because I like the difference but also to avoid gossip or weird breakups.

As if I'm already planning the breakup before the relationship begins and want it to end as peacefully for me as possible.

I encounter this situation with a lot of my photography friends.

I feel like the only one to blame in this issue is one’s self.

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Instead of having a mate that can help me grow in my same field and me help them as well I run away from it.

Especially now that I am getting involved in politics and law, I know how often you see the same 100 people and they recognize and remember you. How has your partner helped you with your career [if its the same field]. If you desire to FLY then let your husband sanction it.

The two had been a couple for seven years before they announced their separation through their publicist in February 2018.… continue reading »

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