Dating site for asperger

19-Nov-2019 18:10

“We connect through Facebook, we do You Tube videos and we also have our Spectrum Compatibility Test™, which asks a lot of the typical dating questions but also asks questions that wouldn’t normally be as important to some people.” This is the main feature that sets Spectrum Singles apart from other dating sites.

The 184-question Spectrum Compatibility Test™ is essentially a prerequisite for creating a profile, which Cantu established in order to match members based on a variety of the spectrum attributes.

With their innovative Spectrum Compatibility Test™, the work is done for you, reducing prospects from thousands to a select group of spectrum-compatible matches with whom you can build a quality relationship.

Not only is Spectrum Singles revolutionary, but it is also extremely safe.

“Some people have asked us about the meaning of the colors with the results of the Spectrum Compatibility Test.

The only function of the colors is to match members to other members with similar spectrum attributes.

Introducing Spectrum a safe, affordable and comfortable environment for singles on the autism spectrum to find someone who is compatible in every way.

“We purposely chose not to ‘label’ or ‘categorize’ the results.As a members-only website, there are certain features than can and can’t be used depending on your participation and dedication to the website.

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