Dating silvertone amp

19-Oct-2020 20:54

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Using a small dental brush and isopropyl alcohol, I scrubbed each pinhole of each tube socket.Then I re-tensioned all the pinholes of all the sockets.Now, I've got three inputs with different amounts of gain.The instrument inputs are tighter and more defined. The final mod to the preamp was to add 120pf bright caps to both volume controls. The amp had more high end now, but not enough to justify the need for high cut tone controls.At any rate it is some kind of pressed board, not resembling wood in any way.A mere 5 inches deep from the rear of the faceplate to the back of the cabinet too, not advantageous to good tone.

) It is not an exaggeration to say the cabinet is built out of cardboard.looking for mod tips, and what the hell, this page is the first one that popped up!!