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27-Dec-2019 19:02

In the dictionary, the sexual meaning of “intercourse” is the third definition of that word.The first two definitions read, “communication between individuals” and “interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc.” These primary definitions are actually great goals to have as you think about how to spend this time together.After one frustrating letdown recently, she suggested that we schedule sex once a week on the same day and time to make sure I get my needs met.While it’s a relief in some ways to know that we’ll have this time together on a consistent basis, I also feel like she’s just adding me to her checklist of things she needs to get done.Use this time to talk, snuggle, ask questions, and be together.Let her know that it’s important to you that you feel wanted and know she’s looking forward to this with you.

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First, please recognize that there are a variety of reasons your wife might not enjoy sexual intimacy, even though she has a good marriage.Many of these examples are environmental and might not require major adjustments.Recognize that your wife was the one who suggested scheduling time on a regular basis.If you have children, it could be sleep deprivation, exhaustion, stress, interruptions, lack of personal space, and a multitude of other challenges that come with mom life.

Your wife might have physical discomfort or other physical health challenges that prevent her from caring about or enjoying sexual intimacy.I don’t want this becoming something that she dreads and endures.