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20-May-2020 22:11

Get A Logo Design Get a free quote In 1960s, the logo underwent another big change.For the first time, the new design featured a serrated bottle cap.The next decade of 1970s was the time when the societies across the world were going through radical changes.This had its impact on design of Pepsi logo as well.Instead, white was used by the designers for outlining the rectangular and spherical boundaries of the logo.Blue and red dominated the color scheme of this company logo design.

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The colors continued to be blue and red with background color being entirely white.

The company had started a Pepsi Generation campaign in the decade.

The word Pepsi was designed in bold uppercase letters at the top.

Red and blue colors continued to dominate the Pepsi logo and white made a comeback as color for back space.However, it is not appropriate to say that the logo became popular or recognizable due to the popularity of the beverage.