Dating pearl drums

09-Jan-2020 13:55

The Super Strainer (also known as the clamshell) was an attractive design but proved to be rather fragile and difficult to adjust. government placed limits on the manufacturing use of essential materials such as brass and steel for non-essential items.

Despite its shortcomings, the Super strainer was offered up until the early 1960s. As a result, American drum companies were forced to manufacture drums that were comprised of only 10% metal parts.

Understandably, it would be several years before any significant design advancements were made.

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slowly resumed normal drum production but their drums were basically the same as their pre-war drums.I believe the version without holes was the earlier type.was applied to the hardware, creating a stunning contrast to the black plated shell.Although larger sizes were available, they were not offered in catalogs until the late 40s.

Most bass drums and tom toms had three reinforcing rings (see below) until the 1940s. The adjustable brackets had small brass thumb wheels that raised or lowered the height of the snares.

and Tone Flange models, along with bass drums in various and pearl and sparkle finishes.