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02-Dec-2019 15:52

One client, the UK’s We Are FSTVL, has used Verve to grow from selling around 800 tickets a year to selling over 9,000.

Verve itself has helped sell more than 500,000 event tickets to date.

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WOM data offers unique insights into reader engagement that can help you tailor your message in fresh and creative ways.

The personal approach should extend to the relationships you cultivate with your brand ambassadors, as well.

Verve, for instance, assigns every event a dedicated community manager who on-boards and motivates brand ambassadors.

With the average consumer now exposed to about 4,000 ads a day, people are getting better and better at tuning out advertising.

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Event brands need new ways to get the attention of potential ticket-buyers — both brand-new audiences and people who’ve already heard of your event.Thanks to the rise of social media and other new technology tools, one of the oldest types of marketing is more powerful than ever before: word of mouth.