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19-Sep-2019 18:59

The easier you can make it for the recipient to respond, the more likely you are to get a reply. Asking three questions for example can become overwhelming or feel like badgering, and she may not respond at all.

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That’s one place I’ve never been – what places are on your hit list?Humour is very subjective – what’s funny to you may be incomprehensible to your potential date.Never forget you are in essence writing to a stranger who may not yet appreciate your rapier wit.If there are two that go hand-in-hand, you can expand, but more than that and you risk sounding too interested for a simple hello.

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Relate well to her and show interest by asking questions, but also add enough detail about your own life to keep the momentum moving.

Keep it short and sweet (5-7 sentences at the most). Honest, depth, creativity and humour are key." Keep your introductory message to 5 - 7 sentences at the most. are all perfectly fine and polite, however think about starting with something unique that stands out to hook her interest.

You can ‘get to know’ someone from behind the safety of a screen.… continue reading »

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Being realistic, most women won't put themselves in a position where they'll just turn up at a stranger's house for sex (or let a stranger come to theirs). But there are all sorts of pressures a lot of women feel under (societal, safety etc) that put them off.… continue reading »

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Like the old Bob Hope line about “if you don’t like the weather in England, just hang around for 10 minutes because something else will be coming along instead”, that’s my impression of life “in the bar that faces the giant car wash” too.… continue reading »

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In general, the theme is very popular, as well as chat.… continue reading »

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