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Original tagged clothing green jacket double front buttons, plaid dress, high thigh stockings, black heeled shoes, matching hat plus one extra hat also in green trim. Rather, they are paying for the privilege of taking care of something vitally important, and preserving it, for times to come.Very Good condition showing minor use and wear with messy hair, no cracks, breaks or damage (as pictured). That is what is inspired us to call our enterprise CAREITAGE. It inspires everything we do, from acquiring the pieces our customers will most appreciate, to understanding the historical context of each item we sell, to packing it for shipment with the utmost care, understanding that every item we ship can never be replaced.Born in a crowded NY ghetto, she looked beyond her surroundings and envisioned a world of beautiful things.

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Blue sleep eyes, thick lashes, rosy cheeks, pink lips. While we like to use our antiques, we recognize that when collectors of antiques purchase something, they are not paying for a product to consume.

The depiction of a famous character or person usually alerts collectors of a Madame Alexander doll.

These dolls often include the name of the figure sewed next to the Alexander signature.

FAO Schwarz, one of the world's greatest toy stores, was among Beatrice's first customers for cloth dolls.

Over the next decade, the company faced ups-and-downs, including the bursting of a water tower that damaged all of the stock.

Identify Madame Alexander dolls by Alexander signatures, construction materials and designs.