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28-May-2020 13:06

So when recent law grad Selby was offered an intriguing position with an NGO in Esmeraldas Ecuador, the pair packed their bags and left overpriced San Francisco without hesitation.

While they usually agree on everything, once in Esmeraldas, Selby feels drawn to the beach, while Sarah wants practical.

Find out if the experience brings them together or pulls them apart when House Hunters International gets acquainted with Netherland's capital, Amsterdam.

For Erica Frost, Powdersville, South Carolina is the center of the universe.

But giving his family an international experience won't be cheap, so he's pushing to pinch pennies by living outside of Ansbach.But when the search began, they quickly discovered their budget of 250,000 dollars would only go so far, and it wouldn't get them their desired downtown location with a canal view.