Dating is a waste of time

29-Sep-2020 01:26

dating is a waste of time-70

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Why if you would do something so trashy, do you believe that you deserve a woman who has class? If you're interested in a serious relationship, don't you think it would be worth it to spend time looking for it? It's not a waste of time, you're just building momentum.

Rep, again as I have stated is not a waste of time. Take it slow, date for a little while than stop for a while.

Why do we invest so much of our time, energy and hope into Tinder and Bumble and set-ups from friends and blind dates as per our parents' suggestions? I'd think twice about giving up a good sweat sesh for a guy I care deeply about, but getting to that level is the tough part.

Weeding out all the terrible guys to find the one who's actually worth stealing me away from my precious exercise time is harrowing.

Y'know, the things I know hands-down will bring me happiness. My time is too precious to be wasted on making definitive plans to see someone I don't yet know.

Like, when I'm scheduling my week out in my little planner, I only block out certain hours for things I really care about, like a hair appointment for my split ends and a grocery trip to buy my favorite overpriced chocolate. And when I'm not doing either of those, I'm sleeping.

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The way you sleep with women, and then put them down because they slept with you makes you look like a class act too.

Even the people that I was friends with benefits with, I am not even interested in them anymore because I felt like I lowered my standards and honestly, none of these experiences were that great and I am sick of these random hookups and strictly physical encounters that basically lead me nowhere I have met most of my girlfriends when I was not looking for anybody, either at a party, or at a new job, etc.

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