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The town itself has developed into a very lucrative and popular location for all communities.

The sprawling foliage of old is slowly disappearing with the clearing, blocking, and decentralizing of the huge mansions that once stood tall and proud, all in the name of development, overcrowding and the demand for more housing and business premises in a fast developing city that is bursting its seams.) with its shiny flickering pieces of aluminum clicking away in the sunshine and the lights of the night in its own swishy-swashy way, a landmark that was unmistakable to all and sundry in days gone by.

is the single-biggest mystery in this year’s NBA draft.

He is a tantalizing talent that can do things athletically and as a shooter that 6-foot-11 people are not supposed to be able to do.

Traffic slows down to a crawl and horns blow out in chorus intermingling with engine noises and fumes that turns the town into a melting pot of absolute pollution.

Kadju Pulang trees were common to this area and it was the belief that outlaws hiding in this dense jungle would hijack and plunder bullock carts carrying produce between Galle and Colombo, It appears that these bandits would murder these traders and hang the bodies on the Kadju Pulung trees, The song sung at school matches, “we will hang all the Thomians on the Kadju Pulang trees … Vast tracts of Bambalapitiya were owned by the Senanayake family, relicts of our first PM, D. Today land in Bamba is worth about Rs One million per perch (one acre = 160 perches).

Galle Road begins at Galle Face, at the roundabout in front of the old Parliament building, now serving as the Presidential Secretariat, near the entrance to the Fort, and stretches its tired asphalt tracks all the way to the town of Galle, almost 100 Km south, hugging the coastline like a leech all the way through.

In recent times even the halcyon atmosphere of the by lanes have become a hive of activity with many commercial businesses sprouting up in the heavenly old homes of yore, and traffic screaming up and down in order to use the newly opened Marine Drive, now named as the Colombo Plan Road, along the beachfront.

Tourist guest houses, posh restaurants, high-rise condominium apartment blocks, telephone communication services and internet café’s have all emerged out of a sleepy old town of middle class men and women who lived there only a few decades ago.

He was absolutely sensational at the 2016 Peach Jam, which is the finals of the EYBL circuit and arguably the highest level of basketball that Porter played prior to college. He was good enough at Hoop Summit and on the all-star circuit that there were people that were projecting him as the No. And, up until a workout last Friday — where, according to reports and sources that NBC Sports has spoken to, Porter was impressive — that’s all the tape we had on him.