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West Groton lies within a “V” formed by the Nashua and the Squannacook rivers.

The old red brick Groton Leatherboard factory still stands on the Squannacook River as an example of the late industrial period of a New England mill village.

On top of this cairn were three short standing stones.

In the same general area there is a group of nineteen cairns built on the ground.

The specific function and temporal origin of the stone chambers have yet to be definitively established.

Colonial era root cellars constructed by Euro-Americans is currently considered to be the strongest possibility.

Among multiple structural remains, of note is a stone chamber featuring an astronomical alignment during the equinoxes.

Besides containing beehive chambers and petroglyphs, the Gungywamp site has a double circle of stones near its center, just north of two stone chambers.

Discussions are in progress on how to allow legal access to the property while preserving the archaeological sites.It was named in honor of one of the original Selectmen, Dean Winthrop, who was born in Groton, Suffolk County, England.In 1676, during the King Philip’s War, Indians attacked the town and burned down all but four garrison houses.The surviving residents fled to Concord and other safe havens returning two years later to rebuild the town.

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As Groton’s population grew so did many supporting industries including a soapstone quarry, a large hop-growing industry, a brick factory, a saw mill, a grist mill, and a pewter mill which produced tea pots, plates, cups, and buttons.

According to The Hartford Courant, researchers have "associated the name, 'Gungywamp' with ancient Gaelic, Mohegan, Pequot, and Algonquin" and could mean anything from "church of the people", "place of ledges", "swampy place"; or "all powerful" and "white," respectively.