Dating in college is pointless prices of online dating

05-Apr-2020 01:08

I think my relationship with my girlfriend is worthwhile for a number of reasons: (1) I love her, so it makes me happy to spend time with her (2) There's always someone I can talk to about virtually anything without it being awkward (3) If you're in a functional relationship, then you have someone who's willing to make some sacrifices in order to make you happy (4) I get sex pretty consistently, which is always nice; The sex is also good because we've grown to know each other pretty well, and it's never awkward.

These are just a few reasons, but there are plenty of other ones that you can find if you just look for them.

I agree that if a person enters a relationship purely for sex, then that is a recipe for failure, but I disagree that is the majority of people. There are a lot of things that can make you happy that don't usually end in disaster and having you be emotionally crazy at the end.

This guy at my work just got out of a relationship and he was devastated about it. Lastly, even if the relationship is not going to last, it is still good while it lasts.

Usually, the benefit you get from being in the relationship far outweighs the temporary pain from a possible breakup.

Why bother getting a job when you will either be fired, laid off, or have to retire at some point?

Why would I ever want to invest in something that I'm not 100% will work out in the end, not to mention becoming emotionally compromised if a break-up were to occur.

It's kind of sad and pathetic that so many people keep choosing to enter relationships with the hopeful intent that they can relate to someone on a sexual level.

You don't know if you college degree is going to help or if your career is going to last forever either.

I may never have been in a relationship nor plan to be in one, but maybe it's just my destiny not to be in one.

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