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17-Sep-2020 12:40

Some individuals may move from one intense attachment to another with little understanding of what went wrong in previous relationships.Others may not desire the emotional entanglement that generally occurs in an intimate relationship and may decide to avoid long-term relationships altogether.

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Commitments may be made willingly or unwillingly, and a fear of commitment can affect an individual's life in a variety of ways.One reason is that the relationships a person had in their past may have impacted the ways they formed bonds down the line.If somebody committed to another person who didn't respect them, who practiced avoidant relationship tactics, or who violated their trust, then the hurt caused by that previous relationship might inform the way that person approaches relationships now.Instead, they may decide to engage in “friends with benefits” relationships, short-term sexual flings, or one-night stands. However, when a person desires connection but fears seeking it out, this may lead to distress.

Simply preferring short-term relationships is not necessarily indicative of a commitment issue.Winter says that it's pretty common to "date a number of people before we find the best fit in a partner." But those who fear commitment might find themselves continuously cycling through their dates while experiencing an ongoing turnover."This is to alleviate the possibility of one person digging in their nails and getting too close," says Winter.