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01-Apr-2020 19:28

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Your guy might be expecting a little playful flirting and when it doesn’t happen, he just assumes you’re not interested. These aren’t insults, but they’re simply things that other females who are interested in him won’t say. Remember, giving flat out compliments can make you appear a bit easy, and usually guys love a chase.Don’t fall into the trap of expecting the man to do most of the flirting. It wiggles when you laugh.” Or “You’re smile is cute. It’s like you’re negating your own interest, and making him wonder whether you like him or not. But these “compliments” are different and will spark the “chase” in him.Think of the people you find the most attractive – aren’t they people who seem confident and happy? Try: • Standing or sitting up straight and tall, no slouching. It makes it look as if you’re nervous or have something to hide. This has the added bonus of being a vital way to try and gain someone’s attention. You don’t have to wait for him to come and talk to you.Confident men – the ones you should be interested in – love confident girls who aren’t afraid to make the first move. If you’re good at something, you’re probably good at telling people about it.When it comes to attracting a guy you like, I’m sure you’ve heard enough advice like “dress sexy” or “do your hair” for one lifetime.But if you’re looking for some practical strategies that actually work, then you’ll love this post.You’re not alone, and the good news is that flirting is a skill that you can practice and get good at, just like anything else. And those nerves are more likely to kick in when you really like someone.

Think about the way young kids are – or try to remember what it was like to be one yourself. What are the good things that make you who you are?It’s an actionable 10 point cheat-sheet you can use to get any guy to like you and chase you. Some people are natural flirts who always seem to find it easy to make that instant connection with anyone, anywhere. Have you ever been on a date, assuming that if the chemistry’s there for you, the flirting will come easily?And then you try and flirt and it just doesn’t work out?If the guy you want doesn’t want to date you as you actually are, you’re setting yourself and them up for disappointment.

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It’s also pretty likely that your guy will start to notice that maybe you’re not being yourself.Here are some tips for flirting: 1) Draw attention to your lips. Keep chapstick or lipgloss in your bag and get pouty. It can be easier to make your flirting really obvious, rather than worrying about whether you’re being subtle.

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