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Kazi opines that rape in Kashmir is a "cultural weapon of war" and that the rape of Kashmiri women by Indian security forces, in the background of a mainly Hindu country repressing a Muslim populace, functions as a tool of "subordinating" Kashmiri males and the wider Kashmiri community.

Her marriage also broke down while she sought compensation and due to communal shaming she developed depression.

Pregnant rape victims often either miscarried or gave birth to children possessing disabilities. Sahni, General Officer Commanding in Chief of the Northern Command, when asked about the charges of rape by the security forces in Kashmir, has alleged that the militants "trump up" charges of rape against the forces.

Studies have revealed that there has been an increase in the Kashmiri nationalist resistance because of the sexual violence and other atrocities, mainly from the Indian forces, that Kashmiri women have faced. He said, "A soldier conducting an operation at the dead of night is unlikely to think of rape when he is not even certain if he will return alive." In 2016, JNU student union president Kanhaiya Kumar became the centre of controversy after speaking out on the rape of women in Kashmir by Indian security forces.

Because society believes their honour is lost, the male relations of the rape victim also experience "collective shaming".

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The conservative nature of Kashmiri society means that males are reputed by their communities as having failed in protecting the purity of their women if they have been sexually assaulted.There have been many incidents of rape in the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.