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He was responsible for the expenses of the business — all of the equipment and paper needed for the business were to be purchased from Franklin and Whitmarsh was responsible for maintaining the equipment.In addition, Whitmarsh agreed to an in-term covenant not to engage in any other printing business during the term, while Franklin was free to enter into additional relationships with others.There have been three constants that fueled the growth of franchising: the desire to expand, the limitations on human and financial capital and the need to overcome great distances.And, while franchising is often thought of as a modern-day invention, its origins can be traced to the expansion of the church and as an early method of central government control before the Middle Ages.Historically, the purpose of commercial franchising was to allow workers or journeymen to establish their own businesses supported by franchisors.Franchising in England and Europe Franchising was used in England and Europe, where the Crown owned land and granted rights to powerful individuals, including the church, to manage its property.

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Harper started her salon business in 1888 and grew the franchise system to more than 500 salons and training schools at its peak, with the last location closing in 1972.

Whitmarsh printed many of Franklin’s works including “Poor Richard’s Almanac;” and Franklin had the right to appoint a successor should Whitmarsh die or leave the business.

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