Dating fostoria glass

10-Jul-2020 18:11

Jaeger was born in Germany in 1853, and came to America in 1866. Hobbs, Brockunier and Company glass works in Wheeling.

He was taught the skill of engraving glass while still a teenager. Although gas was not found in the immediate Fostoria area, local government leaders constructed a pipeline from a nearby well in Wood County, and this enabled Fostoria to participate in the rush to lure manufacturers to the area.

The German investor group selected another German, Otto Jaeger, to be their leader.

Jaeger had been part of the Fostoria Glass Company management team, and was experienced in glass etching and engraving.

Wheeling was also connected to the eastern United States by the National Road, and by the end of the 1840s major cities in Ohio were also connected.

By the 1850s, railroads added to the area's transportation superiority.

This pattern was produced for nearly 30 years, and became especially important to the company as formal glassware became less popular.

The company was also known for its high-quality lead stemware, which was hand-made for nearly a century.Otto Jaeger was one of the directors of the new company. By 1891, the supply of natural gas was becoming depleted.