Dating for my partners islamic way

26-Jul-2020 22:02

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The mother-son relationship may be a more significant line of influence than the husband-wife one.

When I was encouraging young women to come to literacy classes, it was more often mothers or sisters-in-law (not husbands), who might prevent them from attending.

In some places this includes fear of others’ envy, or the ‘evil eye’ that can bring bad luck.

I have friends with Ph D’s from Western universities, who use a blue bead for protection against the evil eye. A common quote from Muhammad says, In conversations, stories are often used to make a point or solve a problem.

And defiled conditions affect women much more than men (any kind of emission from the body, whether solid, liquid or gas, is a cause of impurity).

So all Muslims become impure and must wash to gain purity every day.

And in women-only space, the most conservative black over-garments may be taken off to show designer wear underneath.

I sometimes hear Muslim women described as powerless and oppressed, but that isn’t the full picture.

Older women, particularly mothers, can be significant power brokers in an extended family. Often they are worried about the risks of exposure to the sexual freedoms of western culture, and may assume it characterizes all the western women they meet.They also talked about how to live godly lives in the pressure of the world, or with spouses, who weren’t religious.are often more ready to chat with me than women in western dress.A young bride living in the home of her husband’s parents may not have much power.

However, when she has a son, and when her son grows up and gets married, that changes.Muslim women often carry much of the responsibility for family welfare—health of family members, harmony in relationships, and success of children.

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