Dating for idiots

26-Jul-2020 17:08

It’s kind of like when you are looking all over the house for something and it turns out you are holding it in your hand. As much as I would like to say that this is a common misconception about cats, we all know it isn’t. Anyone with a brain knows that cats don’t hibernate. I just can’t fathom how a grown adult thinks cats actually hibernate. I don't think I would trust him to take care of any animal.

Or, when you find someone’s phone and you decide to call and tell them you have it. I think if someone said this to me I would probably have to break up with them. I like that this guy really got creative with his thinking, but he may have taken it a little too far. Slugs are gross and dirty so I can see the connection, but how does any rational adult really thing an insect can just form out of dirt and grime? Do you try to correct him or just let him have his moment of stupidity. , but surely everyone knows that things weren’t really black and white.

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Hopefully after her boyfriend laughed at her for a few minutes, she realized her mistake. I can see how this guy might be worried about the IQ of his future children though. If this guy would have kept sending these messages to his partner, he or she would have probably kept wondering why the photo wasn’t coming through.

I wonder if he spends the same amount of time doing nice things for his partner? What a let down to find out that you not only made yourself look like an idiot over a prank, but also aren’t even getting a gift. Is this guy really that clueless or is he just confused about what he means himself? Did he not read those simple children's book about baby animals as a kid? How is it possible that this guy doesn’t understand that cows do not lay eggs and egg are not dairy products? Why would she think it was ever okay to purposely serve food that was contaminated with Did he just let her think that it happens like that? I wonder if this woman ever realized what is and how silly she sounded when she said what she said. This probably seemed like a good idea at first, until she thought it through.