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He also claims that the mother’s admitted encouragement of the child to repeat false allegations against him to others not only distresses the child but has the purpose or effect of exacerbating the rift that has developed between them. Counsel for the Independent Child’s Lawyer dismisses the mother’s “unacceptable risk” claims as verging on the fanciful and, in line with the family consultant’s report, proposes that increasing periods of unsupervised overnight time be gradually re-introduced over the next twelve (12) months so that by April next year the child will be spending each alternate weekend from Friday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon and each other Wednesday from 9.00am to Thursday 9.00am as well as designated special days and half school holidays. Later, having reviewed the evidence before him, Carmody J reached the following conclusions: 103.

There is, as I have already concluded, no reasonable ground for believing that the father has sexually abused the child in the past and no other event or circumstance suggestive of an unacceptable risk of physical harm in allowing the child to have unsupervised time with the father is apparent to me. The father says that the child should live with him but this is contrary to the recommendation of both the family reporter and Counsel for the Independent Children’s Lawyer.

The new findings also carry lessons for the northwest coast of North America, where scientists estimate that many centuries typically elapse between catastrophic tsunamis generated by the Cascadia subduction zone."Like Aceh, Cascadia has a history of tsunamis that are both infrequent and catastrophic, and that originate during earthquakes that provide a natural tsunami warning," Atwater said. Agency for International Development, Thailand's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the U. National Science Foundation, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Thailand Research Fund.

"This history calls for sustained efforts in tsunami education."Other co-authors of the Thai paper are Yuki Sawai of the Geological Survey of Japan, Montri Choowong and Thasinee Charoentitirat of Chulalongkorn University, Maria Martin of the UW and Amy Prendergast of Geoscience Australia.

Nor am I persuaded that there is a real chance of emotional or psychological danger to the child as a result of having unsupervised time with the father. I do not think it [2012] Fam CAFC 189 Reasons Page 4 would be in the best interests of the child to take him away from the primary carer of a lifetime and place him in the hands of a genuine and well meaning but inexperienced parent with whom he has had little to do and is unsure of and (sic) this stage of his development. There is a serious question mark over the mother’s willingness and ability to encourage and facilitate a close and continuing relationship between the child and the father.

I do not think he would be able to adjust to that transfer and that the risk of emotional harm outweighs any potential benefit in doing it. Her past history suggests that she will struggle with this.

It seems that the father was thereafter eventually able to spend some time with the child on an unsupervised basis. However, both parties continued to file applications, and the matter came before Bell J on 20 October 2005.

On that occasion both parties were represented by Counsel and orders were made for the child to live with the mother and to spend unsupervised time with the father initially during the day at a contact centre, but extending later to alternate weekends and then school holidays. The mother alleges that after the first time the child spent with the father on 22 October 2005, the child made disclosures of inappropriate behaviour on the part of the father, and that he continued to make such disclosures following other times with the father.

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However, it appears that until the end of May 2004 the father only spent time with the child on a limited number of occasions and at a contact centre. Following the filing of various applications by both parties (including contravention applications by the father), orders were made by consent on 30 June 2004 by the Family Court providing for the child to live with the mother, who was to have sole parental responsibility, and for the child to spend supervised time with the father at a contact centre."This will be a big step towards mitigating the losses from future tsunami events."The team found evidence for previous tsunamis by digging pits and auguring holes at more than 150 sites on an island about 75 miles north of Phuket, a Thai tourist resort area ravaged by the 2004 tsunami.That tsunami was generated 300 miles to the west when the seafloor was warped during a magnitude 9.2 earthquake. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c.

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[2012] Fam CAFC 189 Coversheet and Orders Page 1 FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA LINDSAY & BAKER [2012] Fam CAFC 189 FAMILY LAW – APPEAL – CHILDREN – where the trial judge was found not to have erred in refusing to accept the evidence of one expert as to whether the child was at risk of abuse when living with the father, when a number of other experts were of the opinion that the child was not at risk of abuse from the father – where the trial judge was found not to have erred in ordering that the mother’s time with the child to be supervised on an indefinite basis – appeal dismissed.She did seem to me to be genuine when questioned about this and I believe her when she says that she has received strong advice which she accepts to comply. If my faith in her proves to be misplaced then of course she runs the very real risk of a reversal of residence application against her succeeding in the future. Having regard to the limited unsupervised time he has spent with his father since separation, the tenuous nature of the relationship and the damage done to the parental relationship by the sexual abuse allegations and non-compliance with contact orders I think the overall best interests of this child will be best promoted by the graduated and increasing levels of unsupervised time recommended by the family reporter and reflected in the proposed orders of the Independent Child’s Lawyer. An appeal by the mother and a cross-appeal by the father against Carmody J’s orders were dismissed by the Full Court on 26 October 2007. It appears from the reasons for judgment of Bell J of at [30] – [31], that by November 2007 the father again had to file contravention applications in an attempt to spend time with the child and that the mother was again making allegations of abuse to the Queensland department responsible for child welfare matters.

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