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25-Jul-2020 07:22

I will now assess the "exchange" between Rebecca and the "elevator man", to illustrate these "etiquette guidelines" and tease apart the clutter of this exchange. She is certainly entitled to that internal reaction (point #1).Based on that internal reaction, she also chose to defend her personal boundary and say "no" to the man's request. Ideally, the story should end there (as it does for many people every day).Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor I'm continuing to take a break from providing my usual "light advice" and weigh into heavier topics in this article because I believe they are essential to resolve for healthy dating.More than that, I am personally saddened by the unhealthy trends, disrespect, and "bullying" that occurs in pockets of modern social interactions between women and men. I also continue to believe that, down deep, people are good and desire to do the right thing.Both of these perspectives have been shown to improve coping and performance in harsh or difficult circumstances.However, there is a difference between providing advice and perspective to weather a bad situation (which is my aim), and "blaming the victim" for how they are treated (which I don't condone).Therefore, each person's thoughts and feelings about a situation will be "true for them" - but they are not necessarily "true for everybody".These "individual differences" lead to two points for promoting social functioning.

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If someone infringes on your personal boundaries or rights, you certainly have the right to protect them. You should always have the right to say no or choose not to do something. You are free to feel as you please and do as you please, as long as it isn't stepping on anyone else or making assumptions about them.Two powerful therapeutic concepts that I find helpful in fostering positive social exchanges are "respect for individual perspectives" and "personal boundaries".

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