Dating etiquette for women over 40

04-Jul-2020 11:50

Much like you don’t like being judged by the people you just met, they don’t like that either.

Don’t write someone off right away just because you don’t like them completely at first.

A lot of your friends are now married or are at least on their way to the altar. When you’re coupled up, it’s fun to hang out with other couples.

But it’s also nice to be able to help your single friends find someone special if they’re looking for love.

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If you want to have a family, you may worry that women who are still in their childbearing years will think you’re too old.

So there you have it – our list of important dating rules after 40.

If you have something to add, do leave a comment below.

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This is one of the best dating rules after 40 that I myself have been given a couple of years ago.Do not feel bad if the person you contacted online or met in a club isn’t responding right away.

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