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It was October; he promised that we, and our two sons, would still spend that Christmas together as a family. We picked at tuna and scallops, washed down with wine for him and vodka for me. A nice man who, in just 90 minutes, unwittingly gave me back myself.You’re starting to notice other people when you go out and want someone to spend time with, someone who appreciates your company. While this may sound like a good idea, there are several problems to consider.The best advice that you would get from your Raleigh divorce lawyer is simple—don’t do it.Marital misconduct can include abandonment and “illicit sexual behavior.” A former spouse could use evidence of your relationship, similar to the “alienation of affection” and “criminal conversion” claims, to argue that you are at fault for ending the marriage and deserve less financial support.However, emotions aren’t governed by logic and reason, and if you are absolutely insistent on being able to date before the divorce is final, your Raleigh divorce lawyer can help you by drafting a post-separation agreement, which is authorized by General Statue 52-10.1.Another defense exists under General Statute 52-13, which allows a defendant to prove that an act giving rise to the claim for “alienation of affection” or “criminal conversion” occurred after the date of separation.Essentially, if you can prove that the relationship did not begin until after you separated, it hurts your former spouse’s claim that your boyfriend or girlfriend caused the marriage’s end.

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When I paused to catch my breath, he answered every question with purpose. (He was my age.) She was "very successful." He told me where she worked. "Nothing has changed."He said he would never be with anyone "who didn't understand this."And: "I told her I have two sons in their twenties, and I don't want any more kids."Three months after that phone call, and nine months into what had become a separation that was now laying bricks on the road to divorce, it was time, according to friends and family, to "put yourself out there." "Maybe go online." "See someone! "What's it like to have a child in her forties at 59? "His expression discombobulated into complete bewilderment. Up until that moment, I was hoping my husband and I could have some sort of relationship — keep the family together, in a small way. He had already heard about the date and about what I had heard — a three-year relationship. I was falling to the depths at least once a week, but like a warrior, I methodically dug my way up and out every single time. I then decided that the 30-plus years — half my life — that I had given to this one man was enough. And I soon noticed, with time, that leaving my husband and the mess that came with it brought no intrusion on, nor destruction of, my female psyche. I was able to see the possibilities and the promise that could come with being single and free of the anguish that comes with trying to make a bad marriage good. Fifty-year-old men, 40-year-old men, an 80-year-old or two, and a small chunk (just once) of a 35-ish male. And that's not necessarily what I always want, but they keep coming.

So I named myself Isabella on my e Harmony profile, put up a year-old headshot, and watched half in fascination, half in horror as e Harmony's computerized compatibility matrix churned out a slew of Santa Claus look-alikes — some on Harleys. He tossed around some loving adjectives to describe her. Until he said, "He told her that he didn't want any more kids; he already had two sons in their twenties."My brain clicked, my breath was stuck, and my stomach was walloped with a pang of odd familiarity. It took me a minute to find my voice."Is your daughter's name Michelle? Since my first date in 30 years, three years ago, I've been told "I think I love you" twice. I had a catfish experience named "Albie." And I've developed caring and loving relationships with more than a few good men.

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